Talent Show Information

Hello Gators!

We will be having a Talent Show this year. It is going to be different than anything we have done before. This year we will include kindergarten, first grade, and second grade along with our third and fourth graders.

- You are allowed to do this activity with your family. 
- Teachers are encouraged to join us.
- You can do anything (sing, dance, show your artwork, perform a skit, talk about your sports team or show a trick, write a poem and read it, and even show us your pets, and much, much more).
- Limit yourself to 3-4 minutes, please
- Record your talent show submission in landscape mode (turn your phone sideways). It makes it much easier to combine videos.
- Most importantly...have fun!

I will take submissions the following days and times.

Kindergarten - April 20-24
First Grade - April 27-30
Second Grade - May 4-7
Third Grade - May 11-15
Fourth Grade - May 18-21

Video on how to submit your video or picture

Join us for this incredible event!

Miss you all!

Ms. Messersmith